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Life coaching is a process whereby I, as your coach, helps you to learn, develop and progress in your life in ways chosen and directed by you.  Coaching normally takes place through a series of conversations between coach and coachee, either face to face, on the telephone, by email, or a combination of all three.


You might choose to have coaching because you want to change situations in your life, achieve certain goals, or because you are unclear about your life direction and want to find the best way forward.  To enable this process I will use listening, questioning, focused attention and giving feedback.  There is something about having someone else?s undivided attention that can help you to deeply reflect on the issue(s) you want to deal with and come up with answers and solutions that suit you and your circumstances.




Having coaching can result in you becoming:

More self-aware

More motivated

More resourceful

Able to handle change easily

Clear on your life direction and goals

Able to relate to others in more positive ways

Able to follow through on your decisions


Coaching does not involve being taught by your coach, receiving therapy or having someone else solve all your problems for you.  It is my job to empower you to achieve what you want to achieve so that you receive the reward and satisfaction of having made progress through your own efforts.


If you want to improve some area(s) of your life and/or achieve certain personal or health goals then coaching could really help you.  It will enable you to introduce new ways of thinking and approaching your life situations so as to achieve better results.  The goals you might set yourself can be many and varied.  Some possibilities are: 


-         creating better relationships at home and/or at work

-         gaining more confidence in different situations

-         becoming more organised

-         improving your financial situation

-         achieving your ideal weight

-         regaining your health

-         achieving a healthier lifestyle          

-    overcoming or coming to terms with serious illness 



AS YOUR COACH - it is my job to:


?     have an unwavering belief in your unlimited potential and your capacity to make the changes you want in your life

?     support you in making these changes and help you to stay focused

?     take you and your desires seriously

?     help you reassess your life, set new goals, overcome problems and challenges, change lifelong habits, build your confidence and self-esteem

?     be totally honest with you

?     encourage you to believe in yourself and to realise your dreams

?     work with you to set up a plan of action for achieving your goals and desires

?     keep you on track

?     maintain absolute and total confidentiality

?     coach you to the best of my ability, with 100% energy and commitment.



AS COACHEE**it is your job to do everything in your power to


?     follow through on the changes you decide to make in your life with courage and determination

?     carry out any assignments or challenges I set for you within the agreed timescale

?     let go of your limiting beliefs

?     stay with it and be persistent even when the going gets tough

?     stay positive and enthusiastic

?     be as honest as possible, bearing in mind that coaching sessions are confidential

?     turn up on time for life coaching sessions

?     prepare for each session using the work sheets provided

?     put all the energy and commitment you are capable of into moving your life forward

?     let me know if something is not working for you in the coaching process.



How can you know if coaching would be of benefit to you?


It can be useful to spend some time considering the following areas of your life:


Work and career


Home life



What you would like to learn

Involvement in your community

Spiritual development


And ask yourself the following questions for each area:


What would you change right now if you could?

What would you like to do more of?

What would you like less of?

How could you build on what is happening right now and make it better?


Also ask yourself:


In what areas would you like to increase your learning and knowledge?

What dreams and ambitions do you have yet to fulfil?

What current challenges do you have that you are not dealing with?


I hope that the above information has helped you to gain a clearer understanding of coaching and the opportunities it can provide for you.


To learn more or to book a free introductory half-hour consultation, please contact:


Sarah Flynn (ECONNF)

01273 242448 or 07530505720





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