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Spiritual counselling takes the view that there are two possible views of ourselves: the Primal Lie and the Primal Truth.


The Primal Lie says that we are separate from our Universal Source, from our Higher Self and from others.  This produces feelings of guilt, fear, lack and a sense that there is something fundamentally wrong with us.  To deal with these feelings we project them outside ourselves onto other people and onto the world situation.  This results in a lot of negativity such as blaming, feeling guilty, conflict, disharmony and confusion and we can end up with difficult relationships, stress, depression, struggle, sickness and pain.


The Primal Truth says that we are all at One with the Universal Source, with our higher self and with others and this produces an awareness of Love, Peace and of our inherent innocence.  Through this awareness we can become more free and joyous, develop clear and loving relationships, achieve authenticity in our work, obtain better health and find our lives flowing in a much more creative and beautiful way.


A spiritual counsellor grounds him/herself in the knowledge of our connection to the Universal Source as the means by which all healing takes place and holds this awareness for the person being counselled.  This allows the person to explore, in a totally loving and accepting environment, the deep feelings that result from our sense of separation, such as grief, anger, depression, inadequacy, confusion, defensiveness and stress.


Through this process the counsellor acts as a bridge between the person being counselled and the power of Divine Love allowing the person to feel safe and to get in touch with ways of forgiving themselves and others, accepting themselves and others, finding compassion for their own humanity, letting go of their fear of who they really are, and opening to the power of the Divine in their lives.  The sense of being empowered and at one, which comes from allowing these processes to take place over a period of time is truly inspiring and remarkable.


During counselling sessions, the counsellor will use some or all of the following; listening from the heart, meditation, guided visualisation, prayer and ritual.  All of these have an important role and listening from the heart, listening while one is consciously aligned with Spirit, is both the most necessary and is often powerfully transformative for the client.







 If you are interested in finding out more about Spiritual Counselling or would like to experience it for yourself. 


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